Thursday 18th December 2014,
Sounds Of Now Music
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We sure have all waited long enough for Rae Morris’ debut album. We thought we’d seen it on the horizon some 18 months ago, but alas, it was not to be. And then there were [...]

Model Aeroplanes TITP
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24 hours can make all the difference sometimes, not least in music. Ask us how our Twitter feed read last night and we’d have happily shown you the mass of music hungry Scots, the loyal frat [...]

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Did you see us tweeting and writing lots about Liverpool Sound City at the start of the month? Sure, of course you did. We thought we were being chummy with all the city’s most breaking, [...]

AmbeRun Dec
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On Monday’s we usually all pick ourselves up after the weekend – whether messy or not – struggle to get started at work and then think of knock off time on the impending Friday evening. [...]

Thumpers 6
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      Back in the tropical(but stormy) Winchester climate, Thumpers surely felt a touch of surrealism. In 2013 they opened the main stage, an early afternoon billing that garnered a few blokes on an [...]

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Southend has begun spawning some exceptional music of late and off the back of residents Nothing But Thieves and their countless tips for 2015, Lab Records signed 4 piece Youth Club, look set to follow. With [...]